“Through What Agency?” | Exhibit at MCASB

July 10, 2022

Over the course of four months, the Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art has transformed galleries into an evolving community-driven space for its latest exhibit, “Through What Agency?”  Running through August 21, 2022, it focuses on how groups in our community can address climate change through climate justice – whether they’re individuals, organizations, or businesses across Santa Barbara County. 

On both a micro and a macro scale the Santa Barbara community is actively engaged in furthering the discourse around innovative and accessible steps toward combating climate change. Featuring workshops, lectures, screenings, and hands-on activities for the whole family, MCASB will underline the crucial work that is being done right here in Santa Barbara,” MCASB Associate Curator Alexandra Terry shared.

The show is separated into two areas: one part exhibition, featuring works by The Harrisons, Jacob Kirkegaard, and the Social Print Lab, and the second part a Community Classroom showcasing a rotation of projects from MCASB’s Teen Art Collection and Emerging Leaders in the Arts.


Jacob Kirkegaard

Jacob Kirkegaard is a sound artist who records acoustic properties of carefully selected environments, generating spatial installations, sound sculpture, and photography. His works are renowned for revealing unheard or unseen phenomena, presenting listening as a means of experiencing the world.

The Harrisons

Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison are a husband-and-wife team pioneering the Ecological Art movement. For nearly 50 years, the Harrisons have produced pieces across a range of disciplines, working with biologists, historians, and activists to create works exploring community development and biodiversity. 

Social Print Lab

The Social Print Lab is a UC Santa Barbara art class that invites students to collaboratively design, print, and distribute works that promote community engagement while facilitating ideas around environmental justice and contemporary culture.

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